For the betterment of the environment and the fish stocks. Please comply with the following regulations.

Barbless hooks only.

Max size 12 hooks.

50lb max per keep net.

No cat or dog meat.

All litter including cigarette butts to be taken off site.

Use toilets provided.

A small amount of ground bait can be used fed by pole cup.

Fishery keep nets to be used.

No pre baiting.

No feeder floats.

No elastic feeders.

Dip and rinse landing nets prior to fishing.

Dispose of bait properly at the end of the day (Do not throw in pools).

No nuts allowed.

Two keep nets to be used and fish split equally, max of 50lb in nets.

Barbel not to be kept in any nets.

Fishery only pellets. Available on site.

No joker or bloodworm.

Anglers must fish from numbered platforms only.

1kg bait limit per angler.

No fish above 5lb to be put in keep nets.

No tackle to be left on paths.

Walking around the lake is acceptable but take care and any damage to angler’s equipment must be paid for. All equipment and tackle is the responsibility of the owner




Should you have any problems, please contact Andrew on: 07914 854321 (day or night).


To stop fish theft HD CCTV is monitoring 24/7.